What Do We Strive For?

We strictly follow state and federal regulations in regards to Hemp sales. Please visit your state’s agricultural website to learn more about hemp growing requirements and necessary permits.

With over 40 years of growing experience, we are using our skills to produce healthy, vigorous plants that you can count on. Our growers work directly, day-in an day-out, constantly ensuring that you have the best crop possible.

 We work together with our industry partners, and third party consultants to insure that our plants are of the highest quality,  so that they may exceed our expectations and yours. 

We are invested in your success, so there is no need to hide anything! COA’s are available upon request, and we would love to show you our operations and discuss our growing practices with you in order to give you a head start on your endeavors. 

What We Offer?


Where does the name come from? This strain features natural terpenes that are highlighted when the flower opens up and puts off a heavenly sweet aroma. For those aspiring to grow for flower and extract production, the aromatic incentive of this plant makes it one that is hard to pass up!

Otto II Franklin

Franklin is an extremely vigorous growing plant with long internodes that provides ample space for an abundance of robust flowers to form.The Franklin phenotype has a genetic predisposition to be powdery mildew resistant. Powdery mildew is a major issue with the Cannabis family, this resistance is a leg up that could save you thousands of dollars. 

Trump (T1)

Commonly called T1, this variety is named after the 45th President of the United States, and was one of the most popular varieties in 2019. Thick leaves create a thick canopy giving the plant a full, robust appearance in adulthood that is highlighted with fruity scented flowers. Short internodes keep this plant compacted, making it an excellent variety to maximize field space and capacity. 



This exquisite variety is characterized by it’s foliage as it has unique fat fingers and and large hands. The oversized foliage makes this crop a full and bushy, which is excellent for those searching for high biomass yields. Not to be forgotten, this variety is true to its name. A strong scent of oranges and sweet undertones of citrus melody will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Blue Genius

It doesn’t take a genius to know how great this variety is! Blue Genius has an impressive 20:1 CBD to THC ratio and an excellent terpene profile. Not typically found amongst the mainstream varieties, Blue Genius is a hidden jewel for farms looking to diversify from their competitors.


Yet another fantastic variety offered by Pope’s, Remission flowers early and is full of potential. The delightful fragrance of the flowers and a terpene profile featuring a spicy mint finish, makes this variety perfectly suitable for creating high quality smokeable flower. 

Cherry Wine

This is not Jack’s bean stalk, but you wold think it is closely related. This variety is a speedy grower that stretches high and narrowly into the sky. In addition, large hand leaves make for a beautiful wall of foliage. Sweet citrus and fresh lemon grass scents make this crop a wonderfully versatile addition to your farm.

Pricing Information (Pre-Book Ends January 31st)

* Minimum order of 72 clones (1flat) of any variety

*25% Deposit due on order date. The remaining balance is to be paid upon pick up.