Finished Products

Raised and harvested on our East Tennessee family farm, our hemp makes a full transition under the watchful eyes of our industry professionals. The versatility of hemp allows us to produce two remarkable products ready to hit the shelves of your store or medicine cabinet. Check out the finished products that we offer for wholesale buyers below or browse our retail tab to find a store near you to purchase smaller quantities of the same great products.

Hemp Extract Tinctures

Our current line of tinctures consists of five specially crafted strengths of hemp oil delivered in 30 ml bottles. Each bottle is rich with omega 3, omega 6, vitamins, minerals, and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Our family friendly bottles are child and UV safe and are small enough to fit in your medicine cabinet or in a purse for those on the go. For wholesale customers, we package and ship our tinctures in retail ready packaging. Each strength is assigned a colored band on the packaging. The colored packaging allows returning customers to quickly identify their desired strength.

Strengths: 500mg I 750mg I 1,000mg l 1,500mg l 2,000mg

Hemp Extract Body Creme

Looking for an alternative delivery method? Our craft blended body cream seamlessly blends an aloe vera, shea butter, and sunflower oil lotion base with our premium hemp extract oil. Containing all of the same natural ingredients as our hemp extract oil, you get the benefit of a body cream that soothes and hydrates the skin. We offer this product in two strengths.

Strengths: 500mg l 1,000mg