Purchase Wholesale from Pope’s Plant Farm

We service garden centers, grocery stores, hardware stores, landscapers, landscape supply companies, and many other businesses with all of our offerings on our truck delivery program.  We currently deliver in the following areas: Nashville, Knoxville, Johnson City, Chattanooga, Atlanta and North Georgia, Asheville, Charlotte, Birmingham, and all areas in between.  Minimums do apply for delivery on our trucks and can vary from season to season based on location.

For wholesale customers interested in succulents, we can ship on a wooden rack using FedEx Freight and deliver nearly anywhere.  The minimum is one full rack.  There is no charge for the wooden rack itself and for the first order the P.O.P. Material is free or charge.  Freight rates vary depending on the distance from Maryville, TN but usually are between $75 and $150 per rack.   These Succulent Shipping/Display Racks are available all year.

If you’re a wholesale customer, you can check our availability HERE.

If you’re interested in applying for credit with Pope’s, please fill out this form.