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Pope's Fall Succulent Catalog

If you are looking to spice up your product lines, look no further than Pope’s Plant Farm. The demand for succulents is on the rise around the country and abroad. Succulents are excellent for terrariums, fairy gardens, party favors, centerpieces, and many more uses. Pre-planted succulent combos make great gifts, as well as indoor and outdoor accents.

(Click the Photo to the Right to Download the Catalog)


Classic Staples and Popular Varieties

This form highlights the 25 most popular succulent varieties offered and sold year after year. This is an excellent place to start your search for that new and exciting addition to your product line. Click on the link below to view names and pictures!

What Else Do We Offer?

Looking for a more comprehensive list? Select the galleries below to view pictures and names of the other 100+ varieties and combination planters that we offer. Galleries have been divided up among genus names to allow for more effective and efficient searches. 

PureClean Hand Sanitizer

During this unprecedented time, we have been blessed to be able to fulfill such an important essential need. Working diligently with federal agencies, we obtained our FDA facility number. All of our hand sanitizer options are FDA approved, and made under one roof to ensure the highest level of quality. Our production capacity allows us to fulfill orders from coast to coast. Pure Clean Hand Sanitizer can be included on the regular availability or independently. Click the icons below to see current offerings, order sheets and pricing.

Pope's Premium CBD Products

Raised and harvested on our East Tennessee family farm, our hemp makes a full transition under the watchful eyes of our industry professionals. The versatility of hemp allows us to produce remarkable products ready to hit the shelves of your store or medicine cabinet. Check out the finished products that we offer for wholesale buyers including price and order forms below. 

Order Forms

Ordering from Pope’s Plant Farm is unique. We offer several great options for all types of retailers, including palatalized boxes and ready to display, non-branded promotional labeling on racks! In some cases you can even order racks and boxes together. See the hyperlinked headings below to see our show specials and ordering options. 

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Fall Rack – A

Fall Rack – B

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