Easy to care for indoor or outdoor plants

There are many different uses for succulents ranging from drought tolerant landscape plants to floral arrangements for weddings.  One of our favorite uses for them is succulent combos.  A succulent combo can be anything from a one of a kind tea cup with a few plants to very large containers.  They are adaptable to many conditions and as long as they are not over watered can be easily grown.

Durable plants that are care-free

Our succulents are grown to be tough.  Most varieties require little attention and if given appropriate light can thrive on neglect.  Succulent combos need to be watered once every 5-10 days depending on the weather and if the pot is located inside or outside.  Many varieties can go up to a month without being watered and still be alive.  They do great planted in just about anything which can lead to some very creative containers and plantings.

Where can you find our succulents?

You can find our many of our succulents available at Ginger’s Flowers in Maryville, Junction Plants and Produce at Dixie Lee Junction Near Farragut, TN.  They are also available at many different retailers throughout the southeast.

What do we offer?


While Aloe Vera is the most popular and widely used aloe because of its medicinal uses there are still many different varieties of Aloe that offer many different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.

Medicinal Aloe is adaptable and can thrive in many conditions.  It will do best in a place where it gets plenty of bright light but no direct afternoon hot sun. It is important not to keep the plant to wet and to let it dry down between watering.  It is also critical not to water a lot while the plant is hot to the touch.  It will cause damage to the plant and possibly cause it to die.

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Color, texture, and shape are a few of the qualities that make the many different species of Echeveria so unique.  Echeverias are very drought tolerant and can adapt to different light conditions.  Echeveria are full sun plants but can live inside as house plants as long as they get plenty of light.  They prefer a well drained growing environment so that they can become fairly dry between waterings.  Try to avoid drastic climate changes and over watering and your plant should grow very well.  Protect your echeveria plants from frost and below freezing temperatures.

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Hardy Sedum

Sedums are easy to grow and often feature brilliant color changes in the late fall. Cultivars have brilliantly colored or variegated foliage in bright reds, showy pinks, or purples. Others bloom from May through August with white or yellow flowers.  Most sedums grow well in full sun and prefer a well drained area.  Most Sedums are very drought tolerant and can adapt to many different conditions.

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Hens & Chickens

Sempervivum, or Hens & Chicks, are one of the most popular succulents. They are exceptionally tough plants and seem to thrive in almost any environment. There is a very wide variety of sempervivum, all of which can be nicely incorporated into almost any landscape. Sunlight brings out bright colors in Sempervivums. When planted in full shade, many varieties tend to fade to a plain green color. However, during the summer and in the southern United States, afternoon shade can actually help plant colors last longer. Soil: Sandy, excellent drainage.The plant should be potted in sandy soil and requires very little water. These succulent plants are drought resistant since they store water in their leaves, but they still need water to thrive.

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